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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela
Student Tutorial

Professional  tutoring  based on a holistic, scholar-centered approach to learning. Each scholar receives an individualized Path to Success Plan tiered to meet their unique learning style and pace.

Professional Development

Educators  and school leaders receive professional presentations differentiated to meet the needs of their staff and student body educationally while also embedding the social emotional training needed to meet diverse scholar needs and improve school wide culture and climate.

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 Parent Coaching

Bolster your parenting strategies with a strengths-based approach to assist you in giving clear, explicit directives as a parent or caregiver that are designed to improve challenging educational and emotional behaviors concerning your scholar.

Educator Mentoring

This rigorous mentoring program promotes a culture of professional educator excellence at any stage of your career. Learn how to implement new and engaging research based strategies that yield high scholar performance in the classroom.

Family Resiliency Training

Families or cohorts receive unique research based interactional strategies and goal setting action plans utilizing criteria formulated from personal surveys designed to promote individual and group efficacy.

Community Connections

This program promotes the development of culturally relevant initiatives between community leaders and organizations, school districts and families in an effort to develop a lasting reciprocal process of collaboration needed to enhance community equity.

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