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Ms. Melody Cranford is a driven, passionate and self-motivated educator that works relentlessly to ensure that each student in her class and school succeeds. Melody has a proven track record as both a teacher and an instructional leader on numerous campuses including Texas and most recently Oklahoma. Melody’s instructional leadership serves campuses that are staffed with both career and novice educators who are in the midst of rapid turnaround improvement initiatives. Melody is also committed to strengthening relationships with school stakeholder groups including parents and community leaders to eradicate generational poverty, inequity and disenfranchisement to improve the quality of life for all. It is a pleasure to serve with an educator like Melody, a servant leader who is truly “all in”!
Dr. Reubin McIntosh, Principal
I thank God for Ms. Melody Cranford. She is heaven sent. She has gone above and beyond to help my child with his education. I appreciate her time and willingness to help him outside of the classroom. She is one of the best educators I ever met. I pray that God continues to bless on this journey as she blesses others!
Trudy Cooper, Parent
Some people choose to be educators while very few are called. Ms. Melody Cranford is one of those that were called. Her passion for educating children is infectious. I was fortunate to work three years with Melody. I have to say it was truly a blessing, Even though I had been in education for over 20 years Melody made me want to be better. She helped to put the spark back in teaching for me at a time when I was almost burnt out. During my tenure with Melody she was faced with many obstacles. However, she did not allow them to get in the way of educating students. Every expectation that was put before her she rose to the challenge and even exceeded beyond. She is always seeking new ways to keep her students actively engaged and excited about learning. Her relationship with her students doesn’t stop in the classroom. She is there for them even during after school hours. 
Pamela Nickleberry, Educator
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